Hi. My name is Vivianne Kersten. I was born in April, 2007 in Illnois. In 2009 I got a little sister named lilah. She is the cutest, funniest, and most awesome little sister i could ever have. My mom's name is jennifer Kersten and my dad's name is Thomas Kersten.

A Coulple Changes

I was 2.5 years old when i started preschool. I loved preschool so much and i was always excited for the next day to come. When i was 5 ( lilah 2.05) my family moved to Chanhassen minnesota. We moved there because my dad got a job there, and because we would be closer to the rest of the family. At the time my dad's brother also lived in minnesota and we thought i would be nice to be closer to him and his family.

Places, Places, Places

But the rest of my dad's family lived in North Dakota, and they all lived on a farm. ( by the way my dad's brother's name is john i call him uncle john) one year later uncle john and his family moved on a farm right by my grandpa and my other uncle, uncle Daniel and the rest of the family. So now were all the way down here by our selves. Pretty unfortunate huh? But at least we are a lot closer than we were in chicago! And we get to visit them a LOT more then we used to. In the summers we always go to North Dakota and stay there for a week without our parents. It is really fun. Were going to go next week for thanksgiving. I think it will be really fun! It is a long ride though wich i am not looking forward to. RIght now i am 8.05 and going to tun 9 this year.


On the first day of kindergarten I met 2 girls named Sofia and Megan. Right away I could tell we were going to be best friends. They also just moved the area and we kind of just became friends. My teachers in kindergarten were Ms. Porthan and Ms. Vanburgen. they were amazing teachers. Kindergarten was probably one of the best school years of my life. in 1st grade I had Ms. Boeck. Oh was she awesome! she was such a kind hearted lady. One of my best memorize in 1st grade was probably when me and megan sang "Let It Go" from frozen. I felt so big. Now 2nd grade was such